Paper: Automatic Detection of Multilingual Dictionaries on the Web

ACL ID P14-2016
Title Automatic Detection of Multilingual Dictionaries on the Web
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

This paper presents an approach to query construction to detect multilingual dictio- naries for predetermined language combi- nations on the web, based on the identifi- cation of terms which are likely to occur in bilingual dictionaries but not in general web documents. We use eight target lan- guages for our case study, and train our method on pre-identified multilingual dic- tionaries and the Wikipedia dump for each of our languages. 1 Motivation Translation dictionaries and other multilingual lexical resources are valuable in a myriad of contexts, from language preservation (Thieberger and Berez, 2012) to language learning (Laufer and Hadar, 1997), cross-language information retrieval (Nie, 2010) and machine translation (Munteanu and Marcu, 2005; Soderland et al., 2009). While there are...