Paper: Bootstrapping into Filler-Gap: An Acquisition Story

ACL ID P14-1102
Title Bootstrapping into Filler-Gap: An Acquisition Story
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

Analyses of filler-gap dependencies usu- ally involve complex syntactic rules or heuristics; however recent results suggest that filler-gap comprehension begins ear- lier than seemingly simpler constructions such as ditransitives or passives. Therefore, this work models filler-gap acquisition as a byproduct of learning word orderings (e.g. SVO vs OSV), which must be done at a very young age anyway in order to extract meaning from language. Specifically, this model, trained on part-of-speech tags, rep- resents the preferred locations of semantic roles relative to a verb as Gaussian mix- tures over real numbers. This approach learns role assignment in filler-gap constructions in a manner con- sistent with current developmental findings and is extremely robust to initialization variance. Addi...