Paper: Knowledge-Based Question Answering as Machine Translation

ACL ID P14-1091
Title Knowledge-Based Question Answering as Machine Translation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

A typical knowledge-based question an- swering (KB-QA) system faces two chal- lenges: one is to transform natural lan- guage questions into their meaning repre- sentations (MRs); the other is to retrieve answers from knowledge bases (KBs) us- ing generated MRs. Unlike previous meth- ods which treat them in a cascaded man- ner, we present a translation-based ap- proach to solve these two tasks in one u- nified framework. We translate questions to answers based on CYK parsing. An- swers as translations of the span covered by each CYK cell are obtained by a ques- tion translation method, which first gener- ates formal triple queries as MRs for the span based on question patterns and re- lation expressions, and then retrieves an- swers from a given KB based on triple queries generated. A linea...