Paper: Exploiting Timelines to Enhance Multi-document Summarization

ACL ID P14-1087
Title Exploiting Timelines to Enhance Multi-document Summarization
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2014

We study the use of temporal information in the form of timelines to enhance multi- document summarization. We employ a fully automated temporal processing sys- tem to generate a timeline for each in- put document. We derive three features from these timelines, and show that their use in supervised summarization lead to a significant 4.1% improvement in ROUGE performance over a state-of-the-art base- line. In addition, we propose TIMEMMR, a modification to Maximal Marginal Rel- evance that promotes temporal diversity by way of computing time span similar- ity, and show its utility in summarizing certain document sets. We also propose a filtering metric to discard noisy timelines generated by our automatic processes, to purify the timeline input for summariza- tion. By selectively using tim...