Paper: Development and Analysis of NLP Pipelines in Argo

ACL ID P13-4020
Title Development and Analysis of NLP Pipelines in Argo
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2013

Developing sophisticated NLP pipelines composed of multiple processing tools and components available through differ- ent providers may pose a challenge in terms of their interoperability. The Un- structured Information Management Ar- chitecture (UIMA) is an industry stan- dard whose aim is to ensure such in- teroperability by defining common data structures and interfaces. The architec- ture has been gaining attention from in- dustry and academia alike, resulting in a large volume of UIMA-compliant process- ing components. In this paper, we demon- strate Argo, a Web-based workbench for the development and processing of NLP pipelines/workflows. The workbench is based upon UIMA, and thus has the poten- tial of using many of the existing UIMA resources. We present features, and show examples...