Paper: A Visual Analytics System for Cluster Exploration

ACL ID P13-4019
Title A Visual Analytics System for Cluster Exploration
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2013

This paper offers a new way of represent- ing the results of automatic clustering al- gorithms by employing a Visual Analytics system which maps members of a cluster and their distance to each other onto a two- dimensional space. A case study on Urdu complex predicates shows that the system allows for an appropriate investigation of linguistically motivated data. 1 Motivation In recent years, Visual Analytics systems have in- creasingly been used for the investigation of lin- guistic phenomena in a number of different areas, starting from literary analysis (Keim and Oelke, 2007) to the cross-linguistic comparison of lan- guage features (Mayer et al., 2010a; Mayer et al., 2010b; Rohrdantz et al., 2012a) and lexical se- mantic change (Rohrdantz et al., 2011; Heylen et al., 2012; Rohrdantz et...