Paper: Meet EDGAR, a tutoring agent at MONSERRATE

ACL ID P13-4011
Title Meet EDGAR, a tutoring agent at MONSERRATE
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2013

In this paper we describe a platform for embodied conversational agents with tu- toring goals, which takes as input written and spoken questions and outputs answers in both forms. The platform is devel- oped within a game environment, and cur- rently allows speech recognition and syn- thesis in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In this paper we focus on its understand- ing component that supports in-domain in- teractions, and also small talk. Most in- domain interactions are answered using different similarity metrics, which com- pare the perceived utterances with ques- tions/sentences in the agent?s knowledge base; small-talk capabilities are mainly due to AIML, a language largely used by the chatbots? community. In this paper we also introduce EDGAR, the butler of MONSERRATE, which was de...