Paper: Detecting Turnarounds in Sentiment Analysis: Thwarting

ACL ID P13-2149
Title Detecting Turnarounds in Sentiment Analysis: Thwarting
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Short Paper
Year 2013

Thwarting and sarcasm are two uncharted territories in sentiment analysis, the for- mer because of the lack of training corpo- ra and the latter because of the enormous amount of world knowledge it demands. In this paper, we propose a working defi- nition of thwarting amenable to machine learning and create a system that detects if the document is thwarted or not. We focus on identifying thwarting in product re- views, especially in the camera domain. An ontology of the camera domain is cre- ated. Thwarting is looked upon as the phenomenon of polarity reversal at a higher level of ontology compared to the polarity expressed at the lower level. This notion of thwarting defined with re- spect to an ontology is novel, to the best of our knowledge. A rule based imple- mentation b...