Paper: A Unified Morpho-Syntactic Scheme of Stanford Dependencies

ACL ID P13-2103
Title A Unified Morpho-Syntactic Scheme of Stanford Dependencies
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Short Paper
Year 2013

Stanford Dependencies (SD) provide a functional characterization of the gram- matical relations in syntactic parse-trees. The SD representation is useful for parser evaluation, for downstream applications, and, ultimately, for natural language un- derstanding, however, the design of SD fo- cuses on structurally-marked relations and under-represents morphosyntactic realiza- tion patterns observed in Morphologically Rich Languages (MRLs). We present a novel extension of SD, called Unified-SD (U-SD), which unifies the annotation of structurally- and morphologically-marked relations via an inheritance hierarchy. We create a new resource composed of U-SD- annotated constituency and dependency treebanks for the MRL Modern Hebrew, and present two systems that can automat- ically predict U-SD anno...