Paper: Recognizing Partial Textual Entailment

ACL ID P13-2080
Title Recognizing Partial Textual Entailment
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Short Paper
Year 2013

Textual entailment is an asymmetric rela- tion between two text fragments that de- scribes whether one fragment can be in- ferred from the other. It thus cannot cap- ture the notion that the target fragment is ?almost entailed? by the given text. The recently suggested idea of partial tex- tual entailment may remedy this problem. We investigate partial entailment under the faceted entailment model and the possibil- ity of adapting existing textual entailment methods to this setting. Indeed, our results show that these methods are useful for rec- ognizing partial entailment. We also pro- vide a preliminary assessment of how par- tial entailment may be used for recogniz- ing (complete) textual entailment.