Paper: Public Dialogue: Analysis of Tolerance in Online Discussions

ACL ID P13-1165
Title Public Dialogue: Analysis of Tolerance in Online Discussions
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2013

Social media platforms have enabled people to freely express their views and discuss issues of interest with others. While it is important to dis- cover the topics in discussions, it is equally use- ful to mine the nature of such discussions or de- bates and the behavior of the participants. There are many questions that can be asked. One key question is whether the participants give rea- soned arguments with justifiable claims via constructive debates or exhibit dogmatism and egotistic clashes of ideologies. The central idea of this question is tolerance, which is a key concept in the field of communications. In this work, we perform a computational study of tol- erance in the context of online discussions. We aim to identify tolerant vs. intolerant partici- pants and investigat...