Paper: Adaptive Parser-Centric Text Normalization

ACL ID P13-1114
Title Adaptive Parser-Centric Text Normalization
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2013

Text normalization is an important first step towards enabling many Natural Lan- guage Processing (NLP) tasks over infor- mal text. While many of these tasks, such as parsing, perform the best over fully grammatically correct text, most existing text normalization approaches narrowly define the task in the word-to-word sense; that is, the task is seen as that of mapping all out-of-vocabulary non-standard words to their in-vocabulary standard forms. In this paper, we take a parser-centric view of normalization that aims to convert raw informal text into grammatically correct text. To understand the real effect of nor- malization on the parser, we tie normal- ization performance directly to parser per- formance. Additionally, we design a cus- tomizable framework to address the often overlook...