Paper: Coordination Structures in Dependency Treebanks

ACL ID P13-1051
Title Coordination Structures in Dependency Treebanks
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2013

Paratactic syntactic structures are noto- riously difficult to represent in depen- dency formalisms. This has painful con- sequences such as high frequency of pars- ing errors related to coordination. In other words, coordination is a pending prob- lem in dependency analysis of natural lan- guages. This paper tries to shed some light on this area by bringing a system- atizing view of various formal means de- veloped for encoding coordination struc- tures. We introduce a novel taxonomy of such approaches and apply it to treebanks across a typologically diverse range of 26 languages. In addition, empirical obser- vations on convertibility between selected styles of representations are shown too.