Paper: QuickView: NLP-based Tweet Search

ACL ID P12-3003
Title QuickView: NLP-based Tweet Search
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2012

Tweets have become a comprehensive repos- itory for real-time information. However, it is often hard for users to quickly get informa- tion they are interested in from tweets, ow- ing to the sheer volume of tweets as well as their noisy and informal nature. We present QuickView, an NLP-based tweet search plat- form to tackle this issue. Specifically, it ex- ploits a series of natural language process- ing technologies, such as tweet normalization, named entity recognition, semantic role label- ing, sentiment analysis, tweet classification, to extract useful information, i.e., named entities, events, opinions, etc., from a large volume of tweets. Then, non-noisy tweets, together with the mined information, are indexed, on top of which two brand new scenarios are en- abled, i.e., categorized...