Paper: Head-Driven Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation

ACL ID P12-2007
Title Head-Driven Hierarchical Phrase-based Translation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Short Paper
Year 2012

This paper presents an extension of Chi- ang?s hierarchical phrase-based (HPB) model, called Head-Driven HPB (HD-HPB), which incorporates head information in translation rules to better capture syntax-driven infor- mation, as well as improved reordering be- tween any two neighboring non-terminals at any stage of a derivation to explore a larger reordering search space. Experiments on Chinese-English translation on four NIST MT test sets show that the HD-HPB model signifi- cantly outperforms Chiang?s model with aver- age gains of 1.91 points absolute in BLEU.