Paper: Automatic Summarization

ACL ID P11-5003
Title Automatic Summarization
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Tutorial Abstracts
Year 2011

Extractive (multi-document) summarization Input text2Input text1 Input text3 Summary 1. Selection 2. Ordering 3. Fusion Compute Informativeness Computing informativeness rhombus6 Topic models (unsupervised) boxshadowdwn Figure out what the topic of the input square6 Frequency, Lexical chains, TF*IDF square6 LSA, content models (EM, Bayesian) boxshadowdwn Select informative sentences based on the topic square6 Graph models (unsupervised) boxshadowdwn Sentence centrality square6 Supervised approaches boxshadowdwn Ask people which sentences should be in a summary boxshadowdwn Use any imaginable feature to learn to predict human choices Motivation & Definition Topic Models Graph Based Methods Supervised Techniques Global Optimization Methods Speech Summarization Evaluation Frequency, Lexical c...