Paper: SystemT: A Declarative Information Extraction System

ACL ID P11-4019
Title SystemT: A Declarative Information Extraction System
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2011

Emerging text-intensive enterprise applica- tions such as social analytics and semantic search pose new challenges of scalability and usability to Information Extraction (IE) sys- tems. This paper presents SystemT, a declar- ativeIEsystemthataddressesthesechallenges and has been deployed in a wide range of en- terprise applications. SystemT facilitates the development of high quality complex annota- torsbyprovidingahighlyexpressivelanguage and an advanced development environment. It also includes a cost-based optimizer and a high-performance, flexible runtime with mini- mummemoryfootprint. WepresentSystemT as a useful resource that is freely available, and as an opportunity to promote research in building scalable and usable IE systems.