Paper: Dr Sentiment Knows Everything!

ACL ID P11-4009
Title Dr Sentiment Knows Everything!
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2011

Sentiment analysis is one of the hot de- manding research areas since last few dec- ades. Although a formidable amount of research have been done, the existing re- ported solutions or available systems are still far from perfect or do not meet the sa- tisfaction level of end users’. The main is- sue is the various conceptual rules that govern sentiment and there are even more clues (possibly unlimited) that can convey these concepts from realization to verbali- zation of a human being. Human psycholo- gy directly relates to the unrevealed clues and governs the sentiment realization of us. Human psychology relates many things like social psychology, culture, pragmatics and many more endless intelligent aspects of civilization. Proper incorporation of hu- man psychology into com...