Paper: Engkoo: Mining the Web for Language Learning

ACL ID P11-4008
Title Engkoo: Mining the Web for Language Learning
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2011

This paper presents Engkoo 1, a system for exploring and learning language. It is built primarily by mining translation knowledge from billions of web pages - using the Inter- net to catch language in motion. Currently Engkoo is built for Chinese users who are learning English; however the technology it- self is language independent and can be ex- tended in the future. At a system level, En- gkoo is an application platform that supports a multitude of NLP technologies such as cross language retrieval, alignment, sentence clas- sification, and statistical machine translation. The data set that supports this system is pri- marily built from mining a massive set of bilingual terms and sentences from across the web. Specifically, web pages that contain both Chinese and English are discovered a...