Paper: The ACL Anthology Searchbench

ACL ID P11-4002
Title The ACL Anthology Searchbench
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2011

We describe a novel application for structured search in scientific digital libraries. The ACL Anthology Searchbench is meant to become a publicly available research tool to query the content of the ACL Anthology. The applica- tion provides search in both its bibliographic metadata and semantically analyzed full tex- tual content. By combining these two features, very efficient and focused queries are possi- ble. At the same time, the application serves as a showcase for the recent progress in nat- ural language processing (NLP) research and language technology. The system currently indexes the textual content of 7,500 anthol- ogy papers from 2002–2009 with predicate- argument-like semantic structures. It also provides useful search filters based on bib- liographic metadata. It will be e...