Paper: Combining Indicators of Allophony

ACL ID P11-3016
Title Combining Indicators of Allophony
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Student Session
Year 2011

Allophonic rules are responsible for the great variety in phoneme realizations. Infants can not reliably infer abstract word representa- tions without knowledge of their native allo- phonic grammar. We explore the hypothe- sis that some properties of infants’ input, re- ferred to as indicators, are correlated with al- lophony. First, we provide an extensive evalu- ation of individual indicators that rely on dis- tributional or lexical information. Then, we present a first evaluation of the combination of indicators of different types, considering both logical and numerical combinations schemes. Though distributional and lexical indicators are not redundant, straightforward combina- tions do not outperform individual indicators.