Paper: Exploring Entity Relations for Named Entity Disambiguation

ACL ID P11-3004
Title Exploring Entity Relations for Named Entity Disambiguation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Student Session
Year 2011

Named entity disambiguation is the task of linking an entity mention in a text to the cor- rect real-world referent predefined in a knowl- edge base, and is a crucial subtask in many areas like information retrieval or topic detec- tion and tracking. Named entity disambigua- tion is challenging because entity mentions can be ambiguous and an entity can be refer- enced by different surface forms. We present an approach that exploits Wikipedia relations between entities co-occurring with the am- biguous form to derive a range of novel fea- tures for classifying candidate referents. We find that our features improve disambiguation results significantly over a strong popularity baseline, and are especially suitable for recog- nizing entities not contained in the knowledge base. Our system achi...