Paper: Entrainment in Speech Preceding Backchannels.

ACL ID P11-2020
Title Entrainment in Speech Preceding Backchannels.
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

In conversation, when speech is followed by a backchannel, evidence of continued engage- ment by one’s dialogue partner, that speech displays a combination of cues that appear to signal to one’s interlocutor that a backchan- nel is appropriate. We term these cues back- channel-preceding cues (BPC)s, and examine the Columbia Games Corpus for evidence of entrainment on such cues. Entrainment, the phenomenon of dialogue partners becoming more similar to each other, is widely believed to be crucial to conversation quality and suc- cess. Our results show that speaking partners entrain on BPCs; that is, they tend to use simi- lar sets of BPCs; this similarity increases over the course of a dialogue; and this similarity is associated with measures of dialogue coordi- nation and task success.