Paper: A Simple Measure to Assess Non-response

ACL ID P11-1142
Title A Simple Measure to Assess Non-response
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

There are several tasks where is preferable not responding than responding incorrectly. This ideaisnotnew,butdespiteseveralpreviousat- tempts there isn’t a commonly accepted mea- sure to assess non-response. We study here an extension of accuracy measure with this fea- ture and a very easy to understand interpreta- tion. The measure proposed (c@1) has a good balance of discrimination power, stability and sensitivity properties. We show also how this measure is able to reward systems that main- tain the same number of correct answers and at the same time decrease the number of in- correct ones, by leaving some questions unan- swered. This measure is well suited for tasks such as Reading Comprehension tests, where multiple choices per question are given, but only one is correct.