Paper: A Cross-Lingual ILP Solution to Zero Anaphora Resolution

ACL ID P11-1081
Title A Cross-Lingual ILP Solution to Zero Anaphora Resolution
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

We present an ILP-based model of zero anaphora detection and resolution that builds on the joint determination of anaphoricity and coreference model proposed by Denis and Baldridge (2007), but revises it and extends it into a three-way ILP problem also incorporat- ing subject detection. We show that this new model outperforms several baselines and com- peting models, as well as a direct translation of the Denis / Baldridge model, for both Italian and Japanese zero anaphora. We incorporate our model in complete anaphoric resolvers for both Italian and Japanese, showing that our approach leads to improved performance also when not used in isolation, provided that sep- arate classifiers are used for zeros and for ex- plicitly realized anaphors.