Paper: Which Noun Phrases Denote Which Concepts?

ACL ID P11-1058
Title Which Noun Phrases Denote Which Concepts?
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Resolving polysemy and synonymy is re- quired for high-quality information extraction. We present ConceptResolver, a component for the Never-Ending Language Learner (NELL) (Carlson et al., 2010) that handles both phe- nomena by identifying the latent concepts that noun phrases refer to. ConceptResolver per- forms both word sense induction and synonym resolution on relations extracted from text us- ing an ontology and a small amount of la- beled data. Domain knowledge (the ontology) guides concept creation by defining a set of possible semantic types for concepts. Word sense induction is performed by inferring a set of semantic types for each noun phrase. Syn- onym detection exploits redundant informa- tion to train several domain-specific synonym classifiers in a semi-supervised fashion. W...