Paper: Together We Can: Bilingual Bootstrapping for WSD

ACL ID P11-1057
Title Together We Can: Bilingual Bootstrapping for WSD
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2011

Recent work on bilingual Word Sense Disam- biguation (WSD) has shown that a resource deprived language (null1) can benefit from the annotation work done in a resource rich lan- guage (null2) via parameter projection. How- ever, this method assumes the presence of suf- ficient annotated data in one resource rich lan- guage which may not always be possible. In- stead, we focus on the situation where there are two resource deprived languages, both having a very small amount of seed annotated data and a large amount of untagged data. We then use bilingual bootstrapping, wherein, a model trained using the seed annotated data of null1 is used to annotate the untagged data of null2 and vice versa using parameter projection. The untagged instances of null1 and null2 which get annotated with high c...