Paper: WebLicht: Web-Based LRT Services for German

ACL ID P10-4005
Title WebLicht: Web-Based LRT Services for German
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2010

This software demonstration presents WebLicht (short for: Web-Based Linguistic Chaining Tol), a web- based service environment for the integration and use of language resources and tols (LRT). WebLicht is being developed as part of the D-SPIN project 1 . We- bLicht is implemented as a web aplication so that there is no ned for users to instal any software on their own computers or to concern themselves with the technical details involved in building tol chains. The integrated web services are part of a prototypical infrastructure that was developed to facilitate chaining of LRT services. WebLicht alows the integration and use of distributed web services with standardized APIs. The nature of these open and standardized APIs makes it posible to aces the web services from nearl...