Paper: Coreference Resolution with Reconcile

ACL ID P10-2029
Title Coreference Resolution with Reconcile
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Short Paper
Year 2010

Despite the existence of several noun phrase coref- erence resolution data sets as well as several for- mal evaluations on the task, it remains frustratingly difficult to compare results across different corefer- ence resolution systems. This is due to the high cost of implementing a complete end-to-end coreference resolution system, which often forces researchers to substitute available gold-standard information in lieu of implementing a module that would compute that information. Unfortunately, this leads to incon- sistent and often unrealistic evaluation scenarios. With the aim to facilitate consistent and realis- tic experimental evaluations in coreference resolu- tion, we present Reconcile, an infrastructure for the development of learning-based noun phrase (NP) coreference resolution...