Paper: “Ask Not What Textual Entailment Can Do for You...”

ACL ID P10-1122
Title “Ask Not What Textual Entailment Can Do for You...”
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

We challenge the NLP community to par- ticipate in a large-scale, distributed effort to design and build resources for devel- oping and evaluating solutions to new and existing NLP tasks in the context of Rec- ognizing Textual Entailment. We argue that the single global label with which RTE examplesare annotatedis insufficient to effectively evaluate RTE system perfor- mance; to promote research on smaller, re- lated NLP tasks, we believe more detailed annotation and evaluation are needed, and that this effort will benefit not just RTE researchers, but the NLP community as a whole. We use insights from success- ful RTE systems to propose a model for identifying and annotating textual infer- ence phenomena in textual entailment ex- amples, and we present the results of a pi- lot annotation ...