Paper: Bridging SMT and TM with Translation Recommendation

ACL ID P10-1064
Title Bridging SMT and TM with Translation Recommendation
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2010

We propose a translation recommendation frameworkto integrateStatistical Machine Translation (SMT) output with Transla- tion Memory (TM) systems. The frame- work recommends SMT outputs to a TM user when it predicts that SMT outputs are more suitable for post-editing than the hits provided by the TM. We describe an im- plementation of this framework using an SVM binary classifier. We exploit meth- ods to fine-tune the classifier and inves- tigate a variety of features of different types. We rely on automatic MT evalua- tion metrics to approximate human judge- ments in our experiments. Experimental results show that our system can achieve 0.85 precision at 0.89 recall, excluding ex- actmatches. Furthermore,itispossiblefor the end-user to achieve a desired balance between precision and recall...