Paper: Sentence diagram generation using dependency parsing

ACL ID P09-3006
Title Sentence diagram generation using dependency parsing
Venue ACL-IJCNLP: Student Research Workshop papers
Year 2009

Dependency parsers show syntactic re- lations between words using a directed graph, but comparing dependency parsers is difficult because of differences in the- oretical models. We describe a system to convert dependency models to a struc- tural grammar used in grammar educa- tion. Doing so highlights features that are potentially overlooked in the dependency graph, as well as exposing potential weak- nesses and limitations in parsing models. Our system performs automated analysis of dependency relations and uses them to populate a data structure we designed to emulate sentence diagrams. This is done by mapping dependency relations between words to the relative positions of those words in a sentence diagram. Using an original metric for judging the accuracy of sentence diagrams, we achieve...