Paper: Exploiting Bilingual Information to Improve Web Search

ACL ID P09-1121
Title Exploiting Bilingual Information to Improve Web Search
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Web search quality can vary widely across languages, even for the same information need. We propose to exploit this variation in quality by learning a ranking function onbilingual queries: queriesthatappear in query logs for two languages but represent equivalent search interests. For a given bilingual query, along with correspond- ing monolingual query log and monolin- gual ranking, we generate a ranking on pairs of documents, one from each lan- guage. Then we learn a linear ranking function which exploits bilingual features on pairs of documents, as well as standard monolingual features. Finally, we show how to reconstruct monolingual ranking from a learned bilingual ranking. Us- ingpublicly availableChineseand English query logs, we demonstrate for both lan- guages that our ranking tech...