Paper: Automatic Set Instance Extraction using the Web

ACL ID P09-1050
Title Automatic Set Instance Extraction using the Web
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

An important and well-studied problem is the production of semantic lexicons from a large corpus. In this paper, we present a system named ASIA (Automatic Set In- stance Acquirer), which takes in the name of a semantic class as input (e.g., “car makers”) and automatically outputs its in- stances (e.g., “ford”, “nissan”, “toyota”). ASIA is based on recent advances in web- based set expansion - the problem of find- ing all instances of a set given a small number of “seed” instances. This ap- proach effectively exploits web resources and can be easily adapted to different languages. In brief, we use language- dependent hyponym patterns to find a noisy set of initial seeds, and then use a state-of-the-art language-independent set expansion system to expand these seeds. The ...