Paper: Jointly Identifying Temporal Relations with Markov Logic

ACL ID P09-1046
Title Jointly Identifying Temporal Relations with Markov Logic
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2009

Recent work on temporal relation iden- tification has focused on three types of relations between events: temporal rela- tions between an event and a time expres- sion, between a pair of events and between an event and the document creation time. These types of relations have mostly been identified in isolation by event pairwise comparison. However, this approach ne- glects logical constraints between tempo- ral relations of different types that we be- lieve to be helpful. We therefore propose a Markov Logic model that jointly identifies relations of all three relation types simul- taneously. By evaluating our model on the TempEval data we show that this approach leads to about 2% higher accuracy for all three types of relations —and to the best results for the task when compared to thos...