Paper: Unsupervised Learning of Narrative Event Chains

ACL ID P08-1090
Title Unsupervised Learning of Narrative Event Chains
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

Hand-coded scripts were used in the 1970-80s as knowledge backbones that enabled infer- ence and other NLP tasks requiring deep se- mantic knowledge. We propose unsupervised induction of similar schemata called narrative event chains from raw newswire text. A narrative event chain is a partially ordered set of events related by a common protago- nist. We describe a three step process to learn- ing narrative event chains. The first uses unsu- pervised distributional methods to learn narra- tive relations between events sharing corefer- ring arguments. The second applies a tempo- ral classifier to partially order the connected events. Finally, the third prunes and clusters self-contained chains from the space of events. We introduce two evaluations: the narrative cloze to evaluate event rela...