Paper: A Tree Sequence Alignment-based Tree-to-Tree Translation Model

ACL ID P08-1064
Title A Tree Sequence Alignment-based Tree-to-Tree Translation Model
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

This paper presents a translation model that is based on tree sequence alignment, where a tree sequence refers to a single sequence of sub- trees that covers a phrase. The model leverages on the strengths of both phrase-based and lin- guistically syntax-based method. It automati- cally learns aligned tree sequence pairs with mapping probabilities from word-aligned bi- parsed parallel texts. Compared with previous models, it not only captures non-syntactic phrases and discontinuous phrases with lin- guistically structured features, but also sup- ports multi-level structure reordering of tree typology with larger span. This gives our model stronger expressive power than other re- ported models. Experimental results on the NIST MT-2005 Chinese-English translation task show that our...