Paper: Multilingual Harvesting of Cross-Cultural Stereotypes

ACL ID P08-1060
Title Multilingual Harvesting of Cross-Cultural Stereotypes
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

People rarely articulate explicitly what a na- tive speaker of a language is already assumed to know. So to acquire the stereotypical knowledge that underpins much of what is said in a given culture, one must look to what is implied by language rather than what is overtly stated. Similes are a convenient ve- hicle for this kind of knowledge, insofar as they mark out the most salient aspects of the most frequently evoked concepts. In this pa- per we perform a multilingual exploration of the space of common-place similes, by min- ing a large body of Chinese similes from the web and comparing these to the English sim- iles harvested by Veale and Hao (2007). We demonstrate that while the simile-frame is in- herently leaky in both languages, a multilin- gual analysis allows us to filter much of...