Paper: Hypertagging: Supertagging for Surface Realization with CCG

ACL ID P08-1022
Title Hypertagging: Supertagging for Surface Realization with CCG
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2008

In lexicalized grammatical formalisms, it is possible to separate lexical category assign- ment from the combinatory processes that make use of such categories, such as pars- ing and realization. We adapt techniques from supertagging — a relatively recent tech- nique that performs complex lexical tagging before full parsing (Bangalore and Joshi, 1999; Clark, 2002) — for chart realization in OpenCCG, an open-source NLP toolkit for CCG. We call this approach hypertagging, as it operates at a level “above” the syntax, tag- ging semantic representations with syntactic lexical categories. Our results demonstrate that a hypertagger-informed chart realizer can achieve substantial improvements in realiza- tion speed (being approximately twice as fast) with superior realization quality.