Paper: Making Lexical Ontologies Functional and Context-Sensitive

ACL ID P07-1008
Title Making Lexical Ontologies Functional and Context-Sensitive
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2007

Human categorization is neither a binary nor a context-free process. Rather, some con- cepts are better examples of a category than others, while the criteria for category mem- bership may be satisfied to different degrees by different concepts in different contexts. In light of these empirical facts, WordNet’s static category structure appears both exces- sively rigid and unduly fragile for process- ing real texts. In this paper we describe a syntagmatic, corpus-based approach to re- defining WordNet’s categories in a func- tional, gradable and context-sensitive fash- ion. We describe how the diagnostic prop- erties for these definitions are automati- cally acquired from the web, and how the increased flexibility in categorization that arises from these redefinitions offers a ro- bust...