Paper: Annotation Schemes And Their Influence On Parsing Results

ACL ID P06-3004
Title Annotation Schemes And Their Influence On Parsing Results
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Student Session
Year 2006

Most of the work on treebank-based sta- tistical parsing exclusively uses the Wall- Street-Journal part of the Penn treebank for evaluation purposes. Due to the pres- ence of this quasi-standard, the question of to which degree parsing results depend on the properties of treebanks was often ig- nored. In this paper, we use two similar German treebanks, T¨uBa-D/Z and NeGra, and investigate the role that different an- notation decisions play for parsing. For these purposes, we approximate the two treebanks by gradually taking out or in- serting the corresponding annotation com- ponents and test the performance of a stan- dard PCFG parser on all treebank versions. Our results give an indication of which structures are favorable for parsing and which ones are not.