Paper: Punjabi Machine Transliteration

ACL ID P06-1143
Title Punjabi Machine Transliteration
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2006

Machine Transliteration is to transcribe a word written in a script with approximate phonetic equivalence in another lan- guage. It is useful for machine transla- tion, cross-lingual information retrieval, multilingual text and speech processing. Punjabi Machine Transliteration (PMT) is a special case of machine translitera- tion and is a process of converting a word from Shahmukhi (based on Arabic script) to Gurmukhi (derivation of Landa, Shardha and Takri, old scripts of Indian subcontinent), two scripts of Punjabi, ir- respective of the type of word. The Punjabi Machine Transliteration System uses transliteration rules (charac- ter mappings and dependency rules) for transliteration of Shahmukhi words into Gurmukhi. The PMT system can translit- erate every word written in Shahmukhi.