Paper: Automating Temporal Annotation With TARSQI

ACL ID P05-3021
Title Automating Temporal Annotation With TARSQI
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2005

1 Introduction The TARSQI Project (Temporal Awareness and Reasoning Systems for Question Interpretation) aims to enhance natural language question answering systems so that temporally-based questions about the events and entities in news articles can be addressed appropriately. In order to answer those questions we need to know the temporal ordering of events in a text. Ideally, we would have a total ordering of all events in a text. That is, we want an event like marched in ethnic Albanians marched Sunday in downtown Istanbul to be not only temporally related to the nearby time expression Sunday but also ordered with respect to all other events in the text. We use TimeML (Pustejovsky et al. , 2003; Saur´ı et al. , 2004) as an annotation language for temporal markup. TimeML marks time ex...