Paper: The Linguist's Search Engine: An Overview

ACL ID P05-3009
Title The Linguist's Search Engine: An Overview
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2005

We briefly describe its user interface and architecture, as well as recent developments that include LSE search capabilities for Chinese. 1 Introduction The idea for the Linguist’s Search Engine originated in a simple frustration shared by many people who study language: the fact that so much of the argumentation in linguistic theory is based on subjective judgments. Who among us has not, in some talk or class, heard an argument based on a “starred” (deemed-ungrammatical) example, and whispered to someone nearby, Did that sound ok to you? because we thought it sounded fine? As Bard et al. (1996) put it, each linguistic judgment is a “small and imperfect experiment'”. Schütze (1996) and Cowart (1997) provide detailed discussion of instability and unreliability in such informal me...