Paper: Accessing GermaNet Data And Computing Semantic Relatedness

ACL ID P05-3002
Title Accessing GermaNet Data And Computing Semantic Relatedness
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2005

We present an API developed to access GermaNet, a lexical semantic database for German represented in XML. The API provides a set of software functions for parsing and retrieving information from GermaNet. Then, we present a case study which builds upon the GermaNet API and implements an application for computing semantic relatedness according to five dif- ferent metrics. The package can, again, serve as a software library to be deployed in natural language processing applica- tions. A graphical user interface allows to interactively experiment with the system. 1 Motivation The knowledge encoded in WordNet (Fellbaum, 1998) has proved valuable in many natural lan- guage processing (NLP) applications. One particu- lar way to integrate semantic knowledge into appli- cations is to compute sema...