Paper: Semantic Role Labeling Using Different Syntactic Views

ACL ID P05-1072
Title Semantic Role Labeling Using Different Syntactic Views
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2005

Semantic role labeling is the process of annotating the predicate-argument struc- ture in text with semantic labels. In this paper we present a state-of-the-art base- line semantic role labeling system based on Support Vector Machine classifiers. We show improvements on this system by: i) adding new features including fea- tures extracted from dependency parses, ii) performing feature selection and cali- bration and iii) combining parses obtained from semantic parsers trained using dif- ferent syntactic views. Error analysis of the baseline system showed that approx- imately half of the argument identifica- tion errors resulted from parse errors in which there was no syntactic constituent that aligned with the correct argument. In order to address this problem, we com- bined semantic parse...