Paper: The FrameNet Data And Software

ACL ID P03-2030
Title The FrameNet Data And Software
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session System Demonstration
Year 2003

The FrameNet project has developed a lexical knowledge base providing a unique level of detail as to the the possible syn- tactic realizations of the specific seman- tic roles evoked by each predicator, for roughly 7,000 lexical units, on the ba- sis of annotating more than 100,000 ex- ample sentences extracted from corpora. An interim version of the FrameNet data was released in October, 2002 and is be- ing widely used. A new, more portable version of the FrameNet software is also being made available to researchers else- where, including the Spanish FrameNet project. This demo and poster will briefly ex- plain the principles of Frame Semantics and demonstrate the new unified tools for lexicon building and annotation and also FrameSQL, a search tool for finding pat- terns in annotated sen...