Paper: MATCH: An Architecture For Multimodal Dialogue Systems

ACL ID P02-1048
Title MATCH: An Architecture For Multimodal Dialogue Systems
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

Mobile interfaces need to allow the user and system to adapt their choice of com- munication modes according to user pref- erences, the task at hand, and the physi- cal and social environment. We describe a multimodal application architecture which combines finite-state multimodal language processing, a speech-act based multimodal dialogue manager, dynamic multimodal output generation, and user-tailored text planning to enable rapid prototyping of multimodal interfaces with flexible input and adaptive output. Our testbed appli- cation MATCH (Multimodal Access To City Help) provides a mobile multimodal speech-pen interface to restaurant and sub- way information for New York City. 1 Multimodal Mobile Information Access In urban environments tourists and residents alike need access to a compl...