Paper: Generating Minimal Definite Descriptions

ACL ID P02-1013
Title Generating Minimal Definite Descriptions
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2002

The incremental algorithm introduced in (Dale and Reiter, 1995) for producing dis- tinguishing descriptions does not always generate a minimal description. In this paper, I show that when generalised to sets of individuals and disjunctive proper- ties, this approach might generate unnec- essarily long and ambiguous and/or epis- temically redundant descriptions. I then present an alternative, constraint-based al- gorithm and show that it builds on existing related algorithms in that (i) it produces minimal descriptions for sets of individu- als using positive, negative and disjunctive properties, (ii) it straightforwardly gener- alises to n-ary relations and (iii) it is inte- grated with surface realisation.