Paper: Extending Lambek Grammars: A Logical Account Of Minimalist Grammars

ACL ID P01-1047
Title Extending Lambek Grammars: A Logical Account Of Minimalist Grammars
Venue Annual Meeting of the Association of Computational Linguistics
Session Main Conference
Year 2001
  • Alain Lecomte (Institute of Information and Applied Mathematics Grenoble; University of Grenoble 3, Grenoble France; Domaine Universitaire de St. Martin d'Heres, Grenoble France)
  • Christian Retore (University of Nantes, Nantes France)

We provide a logical definition of Min- imalist grammars, that are Stabler’s formalization of Chomsky’s minimal- ist program. Our logical definition leads to a neat relation to catego- rial grammar, (yielding a treatment of Montague semantics), a parsing-as- deduction in a resource sensitive logic, and a learning algorithm from struc- tured data (based on a typing-algorithm and type-unification). Here we empha- size the connection to Montague se- mantics which can be viewed as a for- mal computation of the logical form. 1 Presentation The connection between categorial grammars (es- pecially in their logical setting) and minimalist grammars, which has already been observed and discussed (Retor´e and Stabler, 1999), deserve a further study: although they both are lexicalized, and resour...